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Miranda Sawyer
Hello world! Welcome to my website. It's full of stuff. Take a look! Have a nosey! Like those little bowls where you keep single batteries and pencil sharpeners and small bits of broken plastic, there's tat and useful bits all mixed up together. Enjoy


I'm a writer and broadcaster.

I write about what interests me: music, art, radio, theatre, family, cars. Pop culture and the people who make it pop. Mostly, I do this for The Observer, though I also write for The Mirror and nice shiny magazines. Any publication that likes my ideas and is willing to pay for me to write them down.

My first writing job was at Smash Hits, in 1988, at the time of Bros-mania and Madchester. It was even more brilliant than that sounds. Then I worked for Select magazine, where I won a PPA award for Writer of the Year. During the 90s, I had a column in Time Out and I wrote a lot for The Face. (And yes, three out of those four magazines are no more. They closed AFTER I LEFT.)

TV and radio: I make documentaries for Radio 4 and I interview musicians and artists for The Culture Show. I've also made documentaries for TV, but I've not got round to putting them on YouTube.

Ages ago, I wrote a book called Park and Ride, about Britain’s relationships with its suburbs (my home-town is Wilmslow, a very flash suburb of Manchester). I went to golf-clubs, swingers’ parties, shopping malls and wrote jokes about them. I'm now writing one about mid-life crisis.

What else? I’m on the boards of Tate Members, the South London Gallery and Sound Women (a lobby group for women in radio). I'm a member of Bug, a cultural consultancy http://www.buglondon.co.uk. I live in Brixton with my husband and kids. I like second hand shops and outdoor swimming pools and reading on public transport. Oh, and Twitter. But not Facebook. Facebook can bog right off.

Agents: Kirsty McLachlan at Morgan Green kirsty@morgangreencreatives.com 07800 840014

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